RECOGNISING talent continues to be a strategic priority for local family owned business, the Tanoa Hotel Group.

This week the company appointed its first local area manager, among three other promotions that also included two local women.

Nadi native Narend Kumar has 25 years industry experience, and prior to joining the group as hotel manager for Tanoa Waterfront Hotel in 2007, he was employed with Novotel, Nadi, and Shangri-La's Fijian Resort & Spa in Sigatoka.

Tanoa Hotel Group managing director Rohit Reddy said the four senior employees have been key players in "enabling the group to excel in performance and take guest experience to the next level".

"It is really pleasing to see that we have promoted from within our team, but also that all our people named above have stepped up and continued to demonstrate strong leadership skills," he said.

"We at Tanoa pride ourselves on our people and it is very encouraging to see our people succeed, grow and develop further."

Mr Reddy said the business had strong values in recognising key talent and embracing every opportunity to help each worker succeed.

"With YP Reddy's vision to groom local talent and the continued support for accelerated performance, no doubt this legacy will live on."

* Narend Kumar — Area General Manager (Fiji)

Having 25 years of rich hospitality experience, Narend is known to be highly articulate, exceptional in coaching and mentoring and having an impressive record of streamlining operations to achieve high-end results.

Narend has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in the past few months to oversee the Tanoa International Hotel operations and also the other hotels in Fiji.

* Ashlyn Naicker — Hotel Manager, Tanoa Waterfront Hotel

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Brigham Young University, Hawaii, Ashlyn began her journey with Tanoa Waterfront as a graduate trainee from 2007. She has effectively managed the company's events team, and made tremendous impact at Waterfront as an assistant hotel manager since 2011. She was an understudy to Mr Kumar and has proved she can run the hotel on her own.

"My dad's dream has been to see me one day as a hotel manager and I am glad that I have been able to fullfil this with Tanoa. I believe that as we have a desire to learn and increase our knowledge each day, we can achieve anything in life" was the excited response from Ashlyn after the official announcement.

* Jason Strickland — Area General Manager (Pacific Islands)

Jason is a graduate from Intercontinental Hotel School, Sydney, Australia, with a Bachelor of Business. He joined Tanoa Tusitala Hotel in 2014 as general manager and was later offered the role to manage Tanoa International Dateline Hotel.

He has proven his business acumen by exceptionally managing the two offshore hotels. Jason is known for his ability to swiftly blend in with the local culture and motivate as well as equip the team to deliver worldclass service

Being an all-rounder in the hotel business, his achievements stem from a strong background in operational experience.

Prior to joining Tanoa, Jason spent a considerable number of years with local and international brands such as The Sofitel and Pacific Resort Aitutaki.

In his new role, Jason will continue to manage Tonga, work closely with the management team in Samoa, and look to grow the group further in the Pacific.

* Mere Rakoroi — group sales executive and general manager Tanoa Plaza Hotel

Mere Rakoroi is another perfect example of homegrown talent. She commenced her career with Tanoa Plaza Hotel as a front office attendant.

Her commitment and perseverance enabled her to rise in ranks every year. She has led the team at Tanoa Plaza from 2008 as general manager and continues to soar on the heights of success. Ms Rakoroi has the added responsibility of group sales executive.

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